OHMSA members provide media platforms across the entire spectrum of Out Of Home from ambient or alternative media through to airport advertising, giant billboards, and brand activation.

As a non-profit organization, OHMSA seeks to promote and to protect the interests of the association and its members, while serving the needs of consumers, advertisers, and the public. This is achieved through co-operation between its members and affiliated associations, government and local authorities. OHMSA aims to uplift the industry through skills development and encouraging fair and free competition in the Out Of Home Media Industry.

OHMSA is a member of the Global Outdoor Association Forum. This provides the association with connectivity with other Out Of Home Media associations across the globe as well as the latest global research and trends.


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Our members are the heart and soul of OHMSA, and their unique stories are worth exploring. Discover the profiles of these industry trailblazers, each one a testament to creativity, expertise, and dedication.

As you navigate through our member profiles, you’ll find a diverse array of talents and achievements. From groundbreaking campaigns to revolutionary airport advertising and giant billboards, our members are continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Out Of Home Media.

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Approval Process for Advertising on Public Roads To advertise on any public road or place, certain approvals are required. The process varies depending on the type of road. Here’s a breakdown of the requirements: 1. Council Approval All advertising visible from any public road or place must receive prior approval from the local Council. 2. …


2019 NET SPEND               Media Type Net Spend Pecentage   Cinema 632,012,550 1.60%   Direct Mail 154,184,964 0.40%   Out of Home 1,452,091,559 3.60%   Print 7,208,934,511 17.70%   Radio 7,369,678,035 18.10%   Television 23,878,623,861 58.70%   TOTAL 40,695,525,480 100.00%


City of Cape Town Access Cape Town bylaws and matters of general interesthttp://www.capetown.gov.za City of Johannesburg Access information regarding bylaws and matters of general interesthttp://www.joburg.org.za City of Tshwane Access Pretoria bylaws as well as general informationhttp://www.tshwane.gov.za City of Ekurhuleni Access to information on the areas including Alberton, Benoni, Brakpan, Edenvale, Germiston, Kempton Park, Springs/Nigel, Tembisahttp://www.ekurhuleni.gov.za …


Chairperson: Angelo Tandy

Vice Chairperson: Dumisani Malembe

Board Member: Wesley Naidoo

Board Member: Leonard Moutloatse 

Board Member: Michelle Tandy

Board Member: Eleanor Solomon

Board Member: Seema Rugbeer